About CYS


Families at the United States Army Garrison Ansbach now have access to a new Department of Defense (DoD) website, designed to simplify and improve the child care request for care process. MilitaryChildCare.com (MCC) provides a single online gateway for families to access military-operated or military-subsidized child care options worldwide across all Services. The site enables families to create a household profile, conduct child care searches, submit requests for care, and manage their requests at any time and from any location.

For additional information, go to MilitaryChildCare.com or call USAG Ansbach Child and Youth Services Parent Central at 09802.8.32533 or DSN 467.2533 for information. Click the link below to access the MCC website and create your profile and request child care.


Welcome to CYS

Child and Youth Services (CYS) provides programs and services for children of eligible military and civilian families. Within CYS you will find something to meet your children’s needs, including:

  • Full, part time or hourly child care
  • Before/after school care
  • Camps
  • Programs for your middle school and teen youth
  • Instructional classes
  • Workforce preparation opportunities
  • Sports and fitness activities 

Today’s CYS programs, deemed a "model for the nation" by Presidential acclaim, continue to operate on these cornerstones:

  • Quality – Child care is DoD-certified and nationally accredited
  • Availability – Child care is available on- and off-post
  • Affordability – Fees for various programs are competitively priced and affordable regardless of sponsor's income
  • Accountability - To safeguard the Army's resources by efficient management oversight, good fiscal stewardship, reducing waste and protecting assets of programs and services to Soldiers and their Families.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. My child is on medication; can he/she bring the medication with him/her to school?

Maintaining the wellbeing of every child participating in CYS is paramount.  If a child requires medication while participating in a CYS activity, parents will be asked to fill out a medication card at the program the child is attending.  If a child has a medical condition, such as allergies, asthma that may require rescue medication, parents will be asked to complete a rescue medication card at the program and Medical Action Plan (MAP) with the physician.   MAP’s and medication cards ensure CYS Services staff are aware of the proper medication and the necessary course of treatment for the child.

2. What happens if there is an unplanned school closure?

If one or more of the schools should close and your child already attends after school care, he or she will be accommodated at our School Age Center, just like on a regular school out day.   CYS has a contingency plan in place outlining the steps to take in such instances.

3. How do I register my child for a school on a different installation than my home installation?

Parent Central Services takes care of registration for CYS activities and programs.  To register for school, parents can contact the School Liaison Officer in their area for information on school registration requirements.  Parents can also visit the DoDea website at www.dodea.edu/europe.

4. Where can I get information on the directors and management staff?

Contact the individual Program Director at the facility your child attends.  CYS also conducts a Meet and Greet at the Child Development and School age facility to allow parents the opportunity to meet the staff and ask questions about our programs.  Meet and Greets are conducted usually on the first Thursday of each month. 

5. Where do I find the program center?

Katterbach Child Development and School Age Center is on Katterbach Kaserne, building 9028 in the housing area.

Katterbach Youth Center is located in building 5911 on Katterbach Kaserne in the housing area. 

6. How do I register my child with CYS?

Registration is free and easy.  Contact Parent Central Services on Katterbach Kaserne at CIV 09802-832533 or DSN 467-2533 to schedule a registration appointment.  Parents may also stop by Parent Central Services, building 9028 room 26 on Katterbach Kaserne with completed registration paperwork in hand.  The following information and paperwork will be required: 

  • Identification Card (Sponsor or Spouse)

  • Sponsor SSN

  • Immunization Records for each child

  • CYS Services Health/Developmental Screening Tool

  • Proof of Income (i.e. Leave and Earning Statements/Pay Vouchers or proof of fulltime school enrollment)

  • Health Assessment/Sports Physical AE Form 608-10-1A

  • Names of 2 Local Emergency and Child Release Designee (minimum of two )

  • Family Care Plan (for Dual/Single Military only)

**All forms are available online at www.ansbach.armymwr.com

For Middle School/Teens:

Middle school/teens may self-register as a guest by completing the Youth Registration

Form.  Forms are available at the Youth Center, online and at Parent Central Services.

Youth may attend the center as a guest member immediately upon receipt of the completed registration form. Guest membership does not include field trips or special events.  CYS Services staff will validate the registration form. 

7. Is childcare available only on post?

Not necessarily.  Families may research enrollment at a host nation Kindergarten or Kinderkrippe.  Enrollment may be restricted to those children that reside in the Kindergarten’s actual community, and any child wishing to enroll, regardless of nationality, is subject to availability of space.  Because spaces are often limited, parents in some locations place their children on waiting lists shortly after birth. Families residing on post are residents of an “Exterritorial District”.  Host Nation communities are not ‘responsible’ to provide child care.

Information about local day care opportunities is available from the CYS Services Outreach Program or Army Community Services.  The SitterCity Corporate Program, funded by the Department of Defense, provides Army families (including active duty, reserve and guard) with a paid membership to SitterCity through a custom built military portal www.sittercity.com/dod.

8. How much do the different programs cost?

The Department of Defense is transitioning to standardized child care fees across the Military Services.  This transition will continue through school year 2015-2016.  The Army pays a portion of the cost of child care to help lower the cost for most Family who use Child & Youth Programs.  The Army continues its commitment to affordable child care and youth programs by striving to keep fees lower than comparable community programs and by paying a portion of the cost of care for all Families using Child & Youth Programs.  Costs and operating times for municipal or religious Host Nation child care will vary from community to community.  Costs are on average

9. How do I decide which school on which installation to send

my child to if there are multiple in my area?

There is one school servicing students pre-k through 5th grade and one school servicing student’s 6th to 12th grade. 

10. Do buses take children both on and off-post?

There is an established school bus zone and as long as the family resides within the servicing bus zone, the student will receive bus transportation to and from school. Door to door service is not possible, but bus stops are located at the closest, pre-existing municipal bus stop.