Kanopy Streaming

Kanopy Streaming

Ansbach Library - Bleidorn Housing Bldg. 5083 Ansbach 91522 Google Map

No cost link for DOD members: http://dod.kanopy.com/

Two Easy Steps to get Started:

  1. Create your personal account (LOG IN) and respond to the confirmation email.
  2. Activate your MWR Library subscription. ADD LIBRARY CARD: username: dod and password: dod11978.
  • Watch on your browser or download the Kanopy app for your device.
  • Choose your collection and view up to 10 films per month.
  • Unlimited viewing on Kanopy Kids.

Select from more than 30,000 thousand award-winning films and documentaries available from Kanopy. Access classic films, world cinema, popular movies, plus a whole lot more educational and entertainment films from anywhere, anytime, with any device.




10 free films per month.

Kanopy Kids is unlimited. 

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