City Cycling Campaign

Note: This event has already passed.

Date: Jun 24 2019, 12 a.m. - Jul 14 2019, 11:59 p.m.

Ansbach Library - Bleidorn Housing Bldg. 5083 Ansbach 91522 Google Map

The CITY CYCLING campaign is about having fun, getting local governments involved with cycling, and fantastic prizes.  Above all it's about encouraging as many people as possible to switch to using their bicycle in their everyday lives and make a contribution to your community through sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Register and join the USAG Ansbach Team. 

Log your trips running errands, on evening rides, or commuting by bike; they all count during this period!

Registration Info

Join the USAG Ansbach Team: City-Cycling Campaign

Open to all US ID cardholders, and LN employees of USAG Ansbach, age 16 or older who live or work within the garrion's footprint (Bleidorn, Katterbach, Shipton, Urlas, etc...) in city of Ansbach.

Record every KM riden during the three week period online or through their app.

There will be an awards ceremony on Thursday, 30 July 2019 at 5:30 P.M. on the Martin-Luther-Platz.

Sign up by using the link above.