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Military & Family Life Counseling

The Military and Family Life Counseling Program is here for you. We are offering telephone and video non-medical counseling in addition to face to face non-medical counseling. Consultants provide short term, situational , problem solving counseling. Services are confidential and private, with no records kept. We want to keep you moving forward!

Who is eligible?

  • Service members
  • Department of Defense expeditionary Civilians
  • Their Families and survivors
  • Child and youth behavioral counselors are available to support children and youth up to age 18
  • They also offer guidance to families, staff and support personnel

What can you expect?

Your military and Family life counselor can help with:

  • Managing stress and changes at home due to COVID-19
  • Adjusting to deployment and reintegration
  • Preparing to move or adjusting after a move
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Managing problems at work
  • Grieving the death of a loved one or colleague

Contact Information:


Garrison / Community MFLC (AD Soldiers and Adult Dependents):  0160 625 6487

Garrison / Community MFLC (AD Soldiers and Adult Dependents):  0151 5339 0375

Personal Financial MFLC (AD Soldiers and Adult Dependents):  0152 2982 3307

Embedded MFLC (5-4 ADAR Soldiers and Adult Dependents):  0152 2986 6987

Embedded MFLC (12th CAB Soldiers and Adult Dependents):  0152 5648 3256

Illesheim / Storck Barracks MFLC (AD Soldiers and Adult Dependents):  0160 625 9834

Child / Youth MFLC (Child Dependents 5-17 Years Old): 0152 5662 5980

Child / Youth MFLC (Child Dependents 5-17 Years Old)  0152 2985 7388

Child / Youth MFLC (Child dependents < 5 Years Old):  0170 609 3184

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These services are offered at no cost to you.

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