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Automotive Skills Center

Ansbach Automotive Skills Center is a professionally operated and outfitted garage built for Ansbach community members to maintain and repair their personal vehicles. Shop patrons can develop mechanical, technical, and problem-solving skills applicable to all military occupational specialties.



(30 Units)



Professional Automotive Detailing Services
  • Vehicle Shipping Detailing Service
  • Interior Deep Cleaning
  • Engine Bay Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
  • Vinyl cleaning & Conditioning
  • Window Tinting
  • Nano Coating
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Car Wrapping
  • Interior Odor removal (Ozone)
  • Stain removal.
  • Paint Scratch repair "Smart Repair.”
Professional Automotive Glass Service


  • Chip repair
  • Windshield replacement
  • Specializing in U.S. Automotive Glass
  • Professional Calibration Technic for vehicles with front cameras/sensors
  • Automotive Headlight Services and LED upgrades


Additional services are available
Please contact the Automotive Skills Center for more information.




The Ansbach Automotive Skills Center often has used fix’em up cars on "sealed bid" auction. Visit us or call for more details

Bay Fees & User Fees (Self-Service)

MWR work-on-car-6_4253273803_o.jpg

Bay/Bench Hourly Rates

Flat bay ($10.00 minimum) $10.00 (per hour)
Lift/pit bay ($12.00 minimum) $12.00 (per hour)
Work bench $4.00 (per hour)
Environmental clean-up fee (i.e. oil spill) $25.00 (min. fee)
Late fee ( Not complying with clean-up and closure times) $25.00 (min. fee)


Tire Service (Do-it-yourself)

Tire mount/demount $5.00 per tire
Tire balance (Weights not included) $5.00 per tire


Storage (Price Per Day)

POV overnight storage (in bay) $5.00

Outdoor storage

Available only for vehicles with a valid USAEUR-AF registration.     

$2.00 (per day)

MWR work-on-car-14_4253275367_o.jpg

Equipment & Specialty Tools 

Parts washer $5.00 (per hour)
Hydraulic press $5.00 (per hour)
Jump starter $5.00 (per use)
Headlight adjustment $5.00
Computer scan $25.00
Battery charge & test $10.00
Code reader $10.00 (self-service)
Sand blasting cabinet $10.00 (per hour)
Hand-wash bay (With out equipment) $5.00 (per hour)
Spring compressor (portable & bench-mounted) $10.00 (per hour)
Power & specialty tools $5.00 (per hour)
Some of the specialty tools available
Drill Flex Sander Shop Vac.                
Sawzall Spring Compressor Hot Air Gun Brake Bleeder
Hydraulic Pullers        Sander Carpet Cleaner          Dremmel
Service Fees (performed by staff mechanics)

Tire Service

TMPS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), reset per wheel.  $5.00
Demount tire from rim (ea.) $5.00
Mount tire on rim (ea.) $5.00
Demount and mount (ea.) $7.00
Wheel balancing (wheel weights not included) $6.00
Surcharge for run-flats (ea.) $5.00
Surcharge for 45 series and below (ea.) $5.00
Surcharge for 19" and above (ea.) $5.00
Surcharge for reverse/back mount rims (ea.) $5.00
Valve stem replacement (ea.) $6.00


Important Notice regarding TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) 

Based on the type and size of tires and rims, additional surcharges may apply when servicing. The Automotive Skills Center staff and MWR are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the function of the TPM System before or after mounting and balancing tires and wheels. It is strongly recommended to replace TPMS sensor when mounting and balancing tires.


Brake Systems

Brake test machine (per use, per vehicle) $15.00



Air Conditioning


AC System Service Complete

Includes: AC inspection, system leak test, system purge, system drying, AC oil, dye tracer. Functionality inspection of the charged system. 

AC system service for vehicles with (Dual Systems) Rear AC $75.00

Refrigerant fee R134a (per gram)

Refrigerant fee YF1234 (per gram) $0.10

AC System (Inspection only)

Includes: Functional inspection of the AC system and its parts. Diagnostic scan of AC electronic control system. System leak test. System integrity.

Important notice 

The system inspection only, verifies if the system can be completely serviced (Charged) or not. If the technician diagnosed the system to be faulty (leaking), laws prohibit the charging of this system until repairs have been made by a Certified Technician. System will have to be retested afterwards to verify a leak free system.  




Used Car Sales (Sealed-bid Auctions)

The Ansbach Automotive Skills Center often has used fix’em up cars for sale. These vehicles are offered for "sealed-bid" type auction. Please note that all vehicles placed on sealed-bid auction do require repairs and are sold as is. Call Automotive Skills Center or stop by for more details.

Vehicle disposal through Ansbach Automotive Skills

Please do not abandon your car! It's easy to do the right thing.

  • Junk cars can be disposed of at the Urlas Automotive Skills Center. 
  • The Automotive Skills can only accept USAREUR registered vehicle with a current and valid USAREUR vehicle registration.
  • Vehicle must be registered operational or non-operational, the Automotive Skills center cannot accept vehicles on temporary registrations, or vehicles with a lien.
  • To dispose of a vehicle, the vehicle and owner must be present at the Automotive Skills center building 8130 during hours of operations.
  • The paperwork process takes approximately 15 minutes.
  • Prior to disposal please remove all personal belongings from the vehicle. 
  • The cost for vehicle disposal is only $50!
Car Washes
  • Open Wednesday - Friday 11:00 - 18:00    Sat - Sun 10:00 - 17:00 (Closed US Holidays)
  • 3 car wash programs ranging from $8 to $10.
  • Wash tokens ($1.00 ea.) are available at the Automotive Skills Center's customer service desk during operational hours.

Wand-Wash Stations

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Freezing temperatures may effect hours)
  • Wash tokens ($1.00 ea.) are available at the center or for purchase with U.S. Dollars at outside car wash terminal.

Enclosed Hand-Wash Bay

  • Wash your car in comfort from the elements.
  • $10 an hour during operational hours with Vacuum
  • Sign up at the Automotive Skills Center's customer service desk


Save time and money by purchasing our car wash tokens for use at the vacuum cleaners, wand wash stations and automatic car wash.


Dog Wash

Ansbach Automotive Skills has a convenient area for you to wash your dog! A stainless steel tub with warm water and a hair dryer will make sure your four-legged best friend heads home spic and span clean.

  • Open Wednesday - Friday 11:00 - 18:00    Sat - Sun 10:00 - 17:00 (Closed on U.S. Holidays)
  • $5/10 minutes
  • Hair dryer available
  • Sign in at the Customer Service Desk


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, checks and money orders in U.S. dollars and most major credit cards.

2. What age do my children need to be to work in the bay area with me?

A responsible adult accompanying youth under age 14, unless the youth are enrolled in a program designed specifically to meet their developmental level. 

3. Do I need to show proof of ownership before signing my vehicle into the shop?


4. Are dogs of all sizes allowed in the dog wash?

It is best to assure that dogs are larger than the drain and small enough to fit in the dog wash.

5. Can I perform fuel maintenance?

Some fuel system maintenance can be conducted, but it depends upon the specific fuel system and type of maintenance. Please check with the Automotive Skills Center staff.

6. What do the specific services entail?

Tire service: mounting and balancing. Air conditioning service: Identify type of system and chemicals, evacuate system, check integrity, inform customer, purge system and recharge.

7. What are the prices for each service?

Prices are listed on this webpage, on a sign at the center, and can be found out by asking your friendly Automotive Skills Center staff.

8. How can I make an appointment/reservation?

The center does not accept reservations. Appointments are only made for services, and the vehicle owner must be present when services are being provided.

9. To what extent will the staff assist me with my car repair?

Staff are available to provide guidance and instruction on tool and equipment usage, automotive repair procedures, and to assure compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

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